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Hello my friends...


This is my blog and hi is for school reasons.

The blog is about two "Britfilms"

The Films:

  • The King's Speech
  • Kick it like Beckham
16.2.15 09:19

The King's Speech


At the first I will with a film review about the film The King's Speech for you

18.2.15 11:21

The King's Speech


Today I will start with the film review for the first film" The King's Speech".

The film came out in the year 2010 and was awarded four Oscars in the categories best film, best director, best actor, and best original screenplay.

The film is made by Tom Hooper and the main character is Colin Firth, he plays the British Royal "King Georg the VI". The king can't talk very well because he stutters very heavily. So he gets help from a famous Australian actor, who teaches him to speak normally. The king learns to speak without stuttering, and so the British Empire gets back her strong king. This motivates the people in Great Britain to win the War.

Colin Firth plays the king so well that you think he really has a stutter. And his wife is also very realistic, she is an anxious wife. These facts make the film political, entertaining and funny, but it is a little bit dusty and serves a lot of prejudice against the people, the politics and the family of the king.


23.2.15 09:22

Kick it like Beckham


Hello my friends, today I will start with the second film review about the movie "Kick it like Beckham".

The film "Kick it like Beckham" is about two girls that like to play football. They live in England and one of them is an Indian girl, her name is Jess. She doesn't know how to play football because she is a girl and girls don't play football. Jess's best friend is Jules, she likes to play football too.

The film is about two different families and how they deal with the hobby of their daughters, and its about two 18 year old girls and their culture. It shows you the problems the girls have to fight with in their culture.

The actresses of Jules and Jess play the girls very realistic so that you are able to feel the situation they are in, nevertheless, the film is fairly predictable and the dialogue is very artificial. However, the film is entertaining and enjoyable for people who are not football fans.




4.3.15 10:38


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